Friday, 23 July 2010


After a rough night trying to sleep in the hotel on the corner of a busy mall without double glazed windows, we toured around Malmö before lunch.  Perhaps it was the end of the school year, and the kids were out celebrating...all night.  We heard every shreik,shout and conversation from the very popular square below...However, we were up and about and set off to look around the city.

A few of the old squares were lovely to look around.  Great buildings to see.

Nicole loves the Tudor style houses around Lilla Torg, and took lots of photos of them.
The oldest medieval home was built in 1597.

Next was a visit to Malmöhus Slott, the castle which was built in the 1530's. 

The castle has been renovated to house a cafe and museum.
the current exhibition is on Nelson Mandela and apartheid.
Nicole nearly choked when she saw this sign, as she didn't realise if was part of the exhibition.

The gardens around the castle were beautiful, and great to wander around.

A section of the garden was divided up into smaller sections with themes. Japanese, herbs, fragrant, but the one that intrigued us was the insect garden. This garden looks like a huge mess of weeds, however it has specific plants to attract insects and bees to ensure that the berry bushes and fruit trees are pollinated.

In the middle of the gardens was a cafe and a small green house.
 Inside the green house were tomato plants,

and grape vines

Although these look like plastic, they were real!!

The garden had some great sculptures of deer
and a few trees to climb

Cameron collected some flowers along the way, this was his stash!

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