Monday, 26 July 2010

From Oslo to Loftus...Part 1.

A long drive today, and the rain disappeared which made the driving easier...if only we could get all the campervans off the road, it would have been quicker!

We stopped at Gol Bakery for a delicious lunch then kept driving.  The boys got a bit restless in the car after lunch, and we had trouble finding a place to stop so they could run around a bit.  The roads are well kept in Norway (that we have seen so far), and there are places to stop, but nothing really to do on the side of the road.

We finally found an area near Haugastøl, where the kids could run around on the bank of the lake for 3/4 hour.
The kids love throwing rocks in the lake, and climbing around the rocks.

There was lots of exploring to do as well.

These are Cameron's favourite jeans...I am hoping to be able to throw them out very soon. (when he isn't looking!)
There are some lovely flowers growing along the banks of the river.

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