Friday, 2 July 2010

Canadian Visitiors.

My Canadian penpal came for a visit.  We have known each other for over 17 years??  Leanna visited us in Sydney when she was travelling.  On her first stay in Sydney, we met. Then she travelled around Australia for 12 months, and we caught up again in Sydney before she flew back.  The second visit, I was pregnant with Alexander.

Her husband Shane had a conference in Amsterdam, so they extended their time in Europe and came to visit us.  It was fantastic to meet again after all these years, and for all the families to meet each other.

Unfortunately the weather was unbearably hot for the 2 weeks they were in Berlin.  Our apartment was awfully hot and uncomfortable.  But with plenty of ice-cubes, and cold showers we managed....just.

We had pavlova for dessert one night!
Jack was great at helping with my internet shopping parcels.
A visit to the Charlottenburg Schloss...still need to work out why you are not allowed to take your pram through the castle, but a wheelchair is perfectly fine....grrrr!!
Alexander and Jack
We went to Peacock Island, and saw a few peacocks.
Jack loved being in the pram with Alexander and Cameron running fast.

Awesome Canadian Hockey Shirts from the Winter Olympic Games 2010, the kids love if only the weather would cool down to be able to wear them comfortably!
It was so great for both families to meet and we hope to arrange a holiday altogether in 7 years time!!!

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Leanna, Shane and Jack said...

I LOVE the photo of the four of you when you made us delish pavlova (I still need get the recipe).
A&C look great in their jerseys :)
I hope Melbourne winters are cool.