Thursday, 29 July 2010

Geiranger to Loen scenery photos

We left Geiranger and stopped at a viewing place for this photo of Geiranger.  While we were taking photos and admiring the view, an ambulance and fire engine drove past quickly up the mountain.
The views were spectacular along the road up the mountain, but there was nowhere to stop, so we had to keep driving, and Nicole took photos out the window.
We love the glaciers on top of the mountains.
There were small pockets of snow/ice wedged inbetween rocks.

Around every windy road there was more sightings of the glacier to be seen
We caught up to the fire engine, the road was steep, and it really couldn't go that fast.
Then at the top of the mountain the traffic was stopped and we had a 1/2 hour wait while they cleared the road.  the kids got out and had a bit of a run around, and a closer look at the glacier.
Unfortunately the reason for the stop was because a motorcycist had come off his bike.  They had to be helicoptered off the mountain.  Hopefully the motorcyclist was OK.  The kids enjoyed seeing the helicopter take off.  Then it was only another few minutes before the traffic started again.
Scattered along the mountain road were isolated homes like this one.
Coming down the main mountain we had a 4.5 km tunnel through another mountain to go through
The tunnels are the quickest way to get around Norway.  There are plenty of tunnels and they are well built and maintained, although sometime we all breathe in when a truck passes us by.
On the other side of the tunnel we had a large mountain to go down. We love the winding roads down the mountains, and Boris our sat nav leads us in the right direction.
At the bottom of the mountains are glorious lakes with the most gorgeous blue/green water.  It reminded us of Iceland's geothermal areas.

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