Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Ferry Ride from Brimnes to Bruravik

The ferry runs every 20 minutes, so we arrived at the Ferry Station with 10 minutes until the next one.
While waiting to pay, we were impressed in the license plates of these Russian motorbikes. They had put their RUS stickers over the letters of their bikes.  We are guessing this way if they get snapped by a speed camera, they will not be able to be caught out!
The kids waiting for the ferry

Here comes the ferry now

The kids enjoyed being out of the car and looking out the side of the ferry.

The scenery in the Fjord is magnificent.

Then after 15 minutes we had reached the other side of the Fjord and kept on driving.  After the ferry lands, there is always a 'burst' of traffic on the roads.  If possible it is a good idea to get past the campervans as the ferry unloads.  Otherwise it can be a slow trip over the passes...

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