Wednesday, 28 July 2010

The Fløibanen Funicular

The Fløibanen Funicular, was our next thing to do in Bergen.

Not far from the centre of town was the entrance to the Funicular.  It holds 100 people, and the race was on with all the old people fighting to get in the front or back carriage of the funicular.

But really it didn't matter where you sat, the view was great, and you never get great photos from inside a window..but that didn't stop them pushing and shoving anyone that dared to get in their way!

In less that 7 minutes, we were up at the top of Fløyen, 320 metres above sea level.  The funicular takes you up the mountain at a speed of 4.2 metres per second.

The views from the top were great.

After a drink and a small chocolate, we walked down the mountain on lovely paths that took us back into town.
In all seriousness, Cameron informed us that this sign was telling us you were not allowed to take sticks from the parklands.

We found these great slugs on the path. The boys wanted photos to compare the size of the slugs to their hands.
Here is Cameron's slug.
Here is Alexander's slug.
The boys were being very photogenic during this part of our journey, and wanted us to take lots of photos of them on rocks and near  trees etc.

They both enjoyed getting off the track and go exploring in the bushes.

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