Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Cocktails at the Green Tree

A final girly evening at the Green Tree Cocktail Bar.
 What a fantastic place, and right around the corner from our place! 
I wish I had known it was just around the corner 5 years ago..
.I would have been there every week!

There was a variety of drinks on the table...all delicious.

This one is the alcoholic's a beer bottle in a paper bag....
Libby and Nicole
Ingrid and Olga
Karen, Libby, Josefina, Sue
Nicole, Julia, Ingrid, Olga and Kathrin
Out of 9 of us, 6 of us will be out of Berlin in the next couple of months.
We have enjoyed many many coffee mornings at the Steh Cafe. 
Lots of laughs, tears and fantastic friendship that will last a lifetime!
We are all internet junkies, so it will be easy for us all to keep in touch!

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