Thursday, 22 November 2007

Still sewing.....

Table Runner :-Some blue and silver/grey triangles.

quilt 2 :- Lots of blue tumbler blocks together...
Current Quilt :-Colourful tumbler blocks together...

Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Alexander's new Socks

Alexander is pleased with his first pair of hand knitted socks.
The wool is Lana Grossa Meilenwelt 6 Fach Special (I think that means 6ply?), colour 8862
Knitted on Size 3 needles

Sunday, 18 November 2007

Ice Skating

Off to Ice Skating this morning, and I have to admit it was really nice to get into a car, and be there in 10 minutes....rather than waiting for the bus and S bahn!

Quite a few other families from the school join us on a Sunday morning, so the kids havetheir friends to skate with, and we have some adult company.

We skate for an hour, then stop for a coffee break, skate a bit more, and we are home for lunch.
A great way to spend the morning in the fresh (very cool) air, and stretch the legs a bit. You just have to make sure you have enough warm clothes on!

Thursday, 15 November 2007

beep beep

So, after avoiding driving in Berlin for so long... I have finally taken the plunge and accepted a little Mercedes (B-Class) as a company car. It is really very nice, although the Berliners will have to get used to a mad Aussie trying to drive on the wrong side of the road (for them.. it seems pretty right to me!)

Here is a photo that Nicole took of it this morning. Note there are no scratches yet.... lets wait and see!

Wednesday, 14 November 2007


I had a business trip to Shanghai and London... Considering we were thinking of living in Shanghai at one stage, it was interesting to finally visit there! The city really took me by surprise - it was a really interesting place, very modern (in the parts where we stayed), dynamic and full of life. The Bund had great restaurants, bars and nightclubs (very western!). I think I have eaten the best meal of my life there - at a place called Jade on Jade, on the 36th floor of the Shangrila Hotel - French/Chinese fusion... fantastic! The traffic in peak hour would drive me nuts!

Lots of business meetings, but I was able to squeeze in a bit of bargain shopping and had a quick look around, including the French quarter and the Jade Buddha temple, and a great Ancient Chinese Museum.

Finished off the trip by flying to London for a 3 day course, and finally back home.

Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Child's French Socks complete

From Nancy Bush's book, Knitting Vintage Socks, New Twists on Classic Patterns. Page 57, Child's French Sock in Citron and Diaper Knitting.

These socks knitted up really nicely, once I worked out how to do the pattern! The second sock seemed to knit up quicker, maybe because I could remember the sequence off by heart. I added extra pattern repeats for the length of the sock, but had to do 2 less pattern repeats for the length of the foot...cause my feet are smaller that the pattern size.

The wool is Lana Grossa Meilenweit Cotton Fun and Stripes, Colour 353, on size 2.5 needles.
The photo doesn't relly show up the pattern well, but trust me, it's gorgeous!

Next is a pair of children ribbed socks for Alexander, on size 3 needles, so they should knit up a bit quicker than these ones!

Sock knitting is very addicitive!

It's getting closer to Christmas

All the decorations are in the stores, the decorations and lights are starting to appear in the streets, and the giant snow tube ride is being constructed at Potsdamer Platz (YIPPEE..our favourite) It is getting dark by 4.30pm here.
Today the Christmas tree on the Ku'dammm was being delivered! Here it is in front of the Gedächtnis-Kirche, getting ready to be lifted by a crane.....I am looking forward to seeing it all decorated.
I think.....the sign on the tree translates to someting like....
The Bad Tölz (company, or a region in Germany??), grow a tree to reach the sky, for the Berlin people.

If you read German better than me, and have a better translation for this one, feel free to comment and help me out (once you stop laughing at me!)

The large ropes hanging down on the left of the church, are attached to a huge crane. I will be looking forward to seeing how they decorate it.

Sunday, 11 November 2007

Remembrance Day Service

The Berlin 1939-45 War Cemetery, Charlottenburg.

It snowed through the entire service! It was really peaceful. Even though the cemetary is on Heerstrasse (a busy road), you don't hear any traffic! (Check 25th April 2007 post to see what it is like without snow - Anzac Day)

Saturday, 10 November 2007

It's snowing

Schnee, Schnee, und mehr Schnee.

Must have known something....we went to the shops this morning to buy Winter Snowproof boots!

Just in time started to snow this afternoon!

Friday, 9 November 2007

progress on 2nd pair of socks.

Here is the 1st sock done from Nancy Bush's book, the Child French Sock. This is the first lacey pattern I have ever attempted. There are a few mistakes in there, but nothing too noticeable (thank goodness for multi colour yarn. The second one is looking really good, I am half way down the leg of the sock...stay tuned

Thursday, 8 November 2007

Stars of the Future

Well, they did it again....
We had a talent contest at the school this year to help raise funds for the charities we support.

Alexander, Emily and Isaiah won 2nd place in Year 1, for their stand up comedy act, telling jokes.

This year, they enlisted Verena to be involved, and won 1st place with a Cinderella panto, and a friendship song! They were hilarious....and we were so proud of them! They worked really hard to learn their lines, and their dance routine most weekends.

Alexander, Isaiah, Verena and Emily with their winning certificates.

Second place was Laura and Martin who did an awesome poem recital. Down the back of the chair by New Zealand author, Margaret Mahy. They looked great in their All Blacks gear!

Click on the heading of this blog entry to be directed to the link for the poem. It is a long poem to remember, they were terrific!

So the Southern Hemisphere were well represented. Martin is in Alexander's class. Their teacher was so proud of all of them!

Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Quilt #11 complete

Here is the finished Tumbler block quilt. I booked the long arm machine at the quilt shop, and it took about 4 hours to do.....long arm professionals, do not look too closely at the quilting!

It was great fun, and I will definitely be doing more quilts on this machine! (I have already started to work on the 12th quilt for the year, I am playing with this tumbling block pattern and working with colour a bit. Also it is a great way to use up 4" strips from my is amazing how little fabric you actually need to make up one of these quilts)

Thursday, 1 November 2007

Lizzie Kate April

To take a small break from St Nick, so I can say I have actually finished something, here is a small LK Flip it design. I will try and work on these little charts once a week.
So, after 2 weeks, here is the first of the April ones...not very exciting, but at least I can cross it off as finished.
Sorry for the photo, it isn't very clear, although the colours stand out OK on the fabric, must be the light, or flash?

Can anyone explain Halloween to me? Why is it that kids throw eggs at people's homes and leave the egg cartons all over the ground. The streets around here are littered with egg shells....I thought Halloween was an American thing...not in Germany?, and why would you let your kids beg for food from strangers? I know I am going to cop a lot of flack from any Americans reading this...but I just don't get it?