Sunday, 30 July 2006

A visit to Bright, Victoria

We drove up to Bright for a few days to stay with Phil's parents.

The boys love feeding the fish with Grampa. We have to remind them they are not allowed to throw stones in the fish pond. You are only allowed to throw stones in the river behind Granma and Grampa's house.

Every moring Granma takes Jasper out for a walk. The boys love crossing over the "wobbly bridge"

Scooter rides are always fun, and going down the hill is even better fun on the way into Bright on the walking and cycle track!

Thursday, 27 July 2006

Melbourne, Quilt show at Jeff's Shed

Arrived down in Melbourne, and the first weekend was the Quilt Show! FAB! spent lots of money on bits and pieces that I cannot get in Berlin. My best buy was the Q snaps (the X stitchers who read this will know what they are). The angel pictures that I am working on are too big for the normal tapestry frame I usually use, and I cannot get the tension tight enough.
The quilts were fabulous. I took lots of photos of the quilts shown in the Guild area. The Japanese quilts were gorgeous, but you were not allowed to take photos of those. I am reluctant to put any photos up that I took from the quilt show, cause I do not know exactly who made which quilt, and I do not want to get my butt kicked because of copy right reasons!

However, for some of the winners, you can click on the above link which will take you to the Bernina website, and show you some of the amazing quilts!

Saturday, 22 July 2006

Sydney town

We went into town one day, to say hello to the regular sights.
Our ferry friend Charlotte was in Circluar Quay, but the Alexander ferry was out working hard.

The Harbour bridge..Cameron and Alexander both want to climb it when they are old enough

In the viewing area of Centre Point Tower overlooking all of Sydney.

ahhh....the smell of real coffee beans!

I miss Gloria Jeans cafes. So we made a lot of visits when we could. Alexander and Cameron have missed their Freddo Frogs too.
Funny how we have been gone 11 months, but Cameron remembers all the colour sprinkles you can put on a baby chino!

Thursday, 20 July 2006


Karen and Steve had a baby girl last October, and I didn't get to see her until this trip. Such a cutie!
Note to self....remember to wash children's faces before taking photos.

Sunday, 16 July 2006

Sydney with Briana and Caitlin

After 27 hours of flying and waiting around in airports, we arrive in Sydney.
Staying at Briana and Caitlin's, and catching up with friends was great.
Keeping Cass up until 12pm (alright for me I am still on Berlin time, but Cass has to get up for work in the morning).
Phil had a course to do in the city for 5 days, so he stayed in town.
Caught up with Douglas and his sisters, Thomas, and other friends...even a quick visit to the old school.
Kind of felt like we have hardly left :)

Friday, 14 July 2006

I still call Australia Home...

Ahh........the boys finished school today.... 12 noon.
We were on the 8.30pm flight out of Berlin....heading for home.
I love seeing this tail, it means we are close (we don't see them in Berlin)
Berlin to Franfurt, Frankfurt to Singapore, Singapore to Sydney.

Wednesday, 12 July 2006

Breakfast on the Reichstag rooftop

Lots of school families are leaving Berlin at the end of the school year. As a final farewell to those mums we have gotten to know and love, we went to the Reichstag for a posh breakfast. It was lovely, and a great view of Berlin (above).

Here we are.... Maureen, Frauke, Sonia, Anne, Michelle, Sarah, Leah, Jude, Jocelyn, Libby Anne, and in front, Nicole, Pheobe and Carol

Monday, 10 July 2006

Italy win the World Cup / The party is over

(Photo from the Munich stadium)

ITALY have now won the World cup, and the incredible party that hs been WM2006 is now over!

Nicole and I were at a friend's birthday bash on Saturday to watch the Germany versus Portugal (Germany 3:1) match, and we had a great time. It was a very pleasant evening and the results made everyone there very happy!

On the Sunday the whole family went to some friends house to watch the big game - we settled into the garden and had sausages off the barbie, salads and a few beers. Ulf set the TV up outside and we all sat on garden chairs to watch the game. It was another warm evening so it was great to sit outside and watch the game, with Italy getting up on Penalties at the end.

So, now for some sleep! It has been a brilliant four weeks! Germany has had the best party atmosphere, and Berlin with all its live venues and events has been a great place to be. I have been very fortunate to have had the chance to see some games live, and have also enjoyed all of the different venues that were on offer for the public.

The event was wonderfully organised, the weather was great and the football, for the most part, was good to watch!

As for the sweeps, Jocelyn and Alexander were the winners! When asked, Alexander still wanted France to win 'because they knocked Australia out'!, but he still takes home 80 Euros from the sweep!

Saturday, 8 July 2006

The Modern Language

Alexander went swimming with his friend Isaiah today. They had a great time. They were playing a game where they pretended being eaten by sharks. Alexander was shouting "SMS, SMS, SAVE ME SOUL, SAVE ME SOUL"

The official World cup Berlin Bear, in the Kranzler Eck.

On the Ku'damn, soccer globe.

Friday, 7 July 2006

World cup experience #10 France Portugal 1:0

I was down in Munich for the week on business - running a workshop for a group of countries at a lovely resort about one hour our of Munich. The opportunity came up for a ticket to the game... and it took me less than a nanosecond to say yes!

So far, all of the live games I had seen had been at the Olympia Stadion in Berlin. I was very excited to be going to the brand new (one year old) Allianz Arena in Munich! This state-of-the art facility was supposed to be a great place to watch football, and it was!

The stands are so steep that it took me a minute or two to get used to the height / steepness. After this, it was easy to enjoy the view - and it was clear that our seats near the back would still offer a fantastic view of the game.

It was hot and humid, and the partly enclosed stadium ensured there was no breeze, so it felt very hot!

And what a game! The refereeing was the best I had seen all tournament - he didn't blow fouls for cheap diving, and allowed the game to be played in a tough but fair way. As soon as the Portugese (serial divers) saw the way the game was refereed, they stayed on their feet and played great football. The first half was a pleasure to watch, and Zidane of France is so skillful he is a pleasure to see. It was open and exciting, with one goal from a penalty to France in the first half.

The second half slowed a bit, but with Portugal going to Extra Time against England, it was no surprise! The final result was fitting for the game, and now it is France versus Italy in the final in Berlin next weekend.

After the game, I enjoyed the French celebrations, saw heaps of Aussies (there must be at least a 50 strong population of Green and Gold wearers in Munich for the game!), and stayed in Munich city overnight before heading back out of town to the workshop the next morning.

Maureen's Quilt

Here is a quilt I made for my friend Maureen.
The quilt is a simple strip quilt with lots of different pink fabrics. I got the idea from Amy's blog..(see Calico Cat under Quilt blogs in the right side of the blog). Amy did a great "green brick quilt" - See 2nd May for Amy's quilt.
Maureen loves pink, so I made it mainly in Pinks. Over the past 18 months we have had a lot of coffee together, and I just had to add in the black border with lots of coffee related pictures in it. Maureen will need this quilt, when she is sitting at home during those cold England afternoons and evenings.

Maureen was the first Mum I met from school. On the boys first day of school, Maureen met me at the school front desk, amd took Alexander and I to Alexander's classroom. Then drove Cameron and I up to Lower School to get him settled. Then it was off to the Wiener Cafe to meet some of the other school Mums.
Maureen has been a fabulous friend since we arrived 18 months ago. She has a heart of gold, and helps when ever, where ever she can!
I wanted to make Maureen a quilt to say "thank you", for all the advice she has given me, lifts in the car, laughter and stories shared, her honesty, and our ability to agree to disagree, and drink coffee afterwards! We have shared many coffee mornings over the past 18 months, and I will miss her greatly! If it wasn't for Maureen's friendshindness, I think my experience in Belrin could have been quite lonely!
Good Luck in England Maureen, I hope you, Steve, Bobby and Katie, all settle back in at home after your 4 years in Berlin. I wonder which city we will drink our next Milch Kaffee and Cappachino together! (((BIG HUGS))

(Maureen drawing the country names out of the football handbag for our World Cup Sweep)

Thursday, 6 July 2006

Quick Table runners

I made this quilt for Cameron's teacher this end of year (I can't get used to finishing school in July).

Mrs Jackson taught Alexander last year, and Cameron this year. This quilt was a thank you for all the hard work she has done with the kids. Phil and I have been so impressed with the boys progress, and the boys have really enjoyed having Mrs Jackson as their teacher.

I finished this quilt a few weeks ago, and had it ready to go.

On Wednesday afternoon, I remembered that I had not made anything else for Alexander's teacher, Miss Shield, or for the 2 teacher's assistants, Mrs Sheppherd and Mrs Lembke.

Thank goodness I can sew up a table runner really quickly. Wedneday night I sewed 2 and then Thursday morning I sewed the other 2. All stitched, ironed, wrapped, and was able to give these out to the teachers on Thursday afternoon! Phew! It has been hot and humid in Berlin the past few weeks. These 'Summer" tabel runners can be used inside or on the garden tables. I know my quilting friends will say "WOW, they are not colours Nicole normally works with", but I had these fabrics in my stash, and thought this would be a great way to use them. I think the colours work quite nicely...and the teachers loved them!

Saturday, 1 July 2006

#6 angel Happiness I am up to date with my far.
I have finished the 6th angel, now need to wait for the next issue of the World of Cross Stitch to arrive so I can start on numbers 7,8,9. Hopefully they will arrive before we head to Australia, and I can take them with me!

Here is a picture of the 6 completed so far!