Thursday, 27 July 2006

Melbourne, Quilt show at Jeff's Shed

Arrived down in Melbourne, and the first weekend was the Quilt Show! FAB! spent lots of money on bits and pieces that I cannot get in Berlin. My best buy was the Q snaps (the X stitchers who read this will know what they are). The angel pictures that I am working on are too big for the normal tapestry frame I usually use, and I cannot get the tension tight enough.
The quilts were fabulous. I took lots of photos of the quilts shown in the Guild area. The Japanese quilts were gorgeous, but you were not allowed to take photos of those. I am reluctant to put any photos up that I took from the quilt show, cause I do not know exactly who made which quilt, and I do not want to get my butt kicked because of copy right reasons!

However, for some of the winners, you can click on the above link which will take you to the Bernina website, and show you some of the amazing quilts!

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Anonymous said...

Glad to see you are safe, did not realise you had gone back home, as you had not posted in awhile. Q Snaps in Oz tell me more.