Saturday, 29 September 2007

Aschaffenburg Quilt show

I had booked in to do a 2 day workshop with one of my favourite quilters, Kaye England. I was so excited about going, and had everything booked.

About 4 weeks ago I got a letter to inform me that there were not enough people booked into the course and it was cancelled, money refunded! I was gutted! I was so looking forward to attending this one. I miss my quilt weekends with my quilting friends in Sydney.

I decided to go anyway, see some quilts and do the shopping area. Nothing much "new" and inspiring for me in the shopping area, but there were some lovely quilts, and "journal quilts" that I really liked.

I really like the idea of these mini quilts (about the size of an A4 sheet), but I have a lot of other projects to do before I start anything like these!

Tuesday, 25 September 2007

quilting WIP today...hopefully

I hope to sew some of these tumbler blocks today, using a pattern I was playing with in EQ5.

I have been busy making these pentagons while I wait for the school bus. My neighbour is very intrigued with watching me sew while sitting on the stairs in the garden

But just now, my IKEA order of book shelves for the kids has just I will try not to be distracted by wanting to assemble these...I love assembling furniture! Hopefully a photo later on of the bookshelves all set up...and some quilting photos too!
First I need to get myself down to the quack..I think I am getting an ear first visit to the doctors since I have been in Berlin..hopefully my German will stand up!

75 hours of St Nick

making progress slowly..I love working on this piece! this is 75 hours of stitching
the previous 60 hour progress photo
and one day (in the far future), it will look like this!

Sunday, 16 September 2007

Osnabrueck Nadel und Faden 2007

I took a train to Osnabrueck on Friday to a Needle and Quilt craft show on the weekend, about 3 hours west of Berlin, not far from Hannover and Dortmund.
It was a pretty town, these are the only photos I took of the town, because the rest of the time I was in the Stadthalle at the craft fair!

I swore I would never ever touch paper piece quilting in my life....but I sat down with Hilde and Liesel and sewed a few pentagons, and I am hooked.
Well, I am not doing the traditional hexagon shapes, but these pentagons are terrific to work on. I have cut out a heap of shapes, and have started to take these down to the front gate, while I wait for the boys to get home on the school bus. I can sew about 8 while I wait.
A couple of cross stitch designs that I couldn't resist
Not a great photo, but shows you the beginning of an armband that I am making with beads. I did a 4 hour course on Saturday afternoon to learn how to do this technique. I did the whole thing in German, and surprised myself with how much I understood. This was lots of fun, and hope to get the armband finished before the end of 2007.
And enough beads to make all these bracelets....
There will be a few more bracelets to go...I ran out of beading to return to the beading shop, and only walk out of there with the thread (no chance)
(Note....I will not be wearing these all at once...I promise!)

Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Cameron's new bike

"It's got 21 gears", that's what Cameron will tell you, if you ask him about his new bike!

Tuesday, 4 September 2007

60 hours of St Nick

Here is the progress picture of St Nick. 60 hours worth of stitching. I am really enjoying doing this. While I am stitching, I have no idea what I am really working on. It is only when I put it about a metre away from me, then I can see the whole picture
Here is the 30 hours progress picture
And here is what it will eventually look like...I am trying not to do the Maths.

Monday, 3 September 2007

Back to School

Today is the first day of the school year. Alexander goes to Year 4, Cameron goes into Year 3. Both of them have fantastic teachers, so we are really fortunate.