Wednesday, 14 November 2007


I had a business trip to Shanghai and London... Considering we were thinking of living in Shanghai at one stage, it was interesting to finally visit there! The city really took me by surprise - it was a really interesting place, very modern (in the parts where we stayed), dynamic and full of life. The Bund had great restaurants, bars and nightclubs (very western!). I think I have eaten the best meal of my life there - at a place called Jade on Jade, on the 36th floor of the Shangrila Hotel - French/Chinese fusion... fantastic! The traffic in peak hour would drive me nuts!

Lots of business meetings, but I was able to squeeze in a bit of bargain shopping and had a quick look around, including the French quarter and the Jade Buddha temple, and a great Ancient Chinese Museum.

Finished off the trip by flying to London for a 3 day course, and finally back home.

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