Friday, 30 July 2010


An overnight stop in Lillehammer.  A quiet little town, but became well known as the home of the 1994 Winter Olympics.
Lillehammer souvenier shops still sell 1994 Olympic Postcards and memorabillia.
The symbol above the Olympic Rings is a symbol for the Aurora Borealis, or the Northern Lights.
This sculpture of a moose amused us all, especially what the moose has left behind on the ground
On one of our car journeys, Nicole had finished a couple of beanies. 
Cameron said, (out of the blue), "I would love a penguin suit."
We all laughed, and wondered where this idea had come from, and perhaps it was from the aquarium at Bergen.
Then we saw this knitted penguin suit in a knitting window (to Nicole's dismay, it was closed).
Cameron said he saw the same penguin suit knitted in the knitting shop in Bergen.  He has a great memory.  Nicole has no recollection of a penguin suit!
Much to our amusement, we saw our Russian motorcyclists with the stickers over their license plates in Lillehammer.  They were staying at the same hotel as us.  One has added an ice cream sticker on the top half since we last saw them at the ferry.

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