Saturday, 31 July 2010

Lillehammer to Karlstad

Along the road we stopped at Grue to stretch our legs.  June 1 -6th, 1995 Grue experienced a massive flood.  Villagers, military, volunteers and rescue squads all rallied together to fill sandbags, provide help, shelter and food where needed.  A year after the flood this memorial was errected with the height of the known floods engraved into the granite stone.
The highest mark on the stone is the floods of 1789
For lunch we stopped at a lake, and the kids watched 2 Norwegian kids play in the water, and where highly amused when the older boy rode his bike into the water.  He kept pedalling until the water was deep enough to stop the bell ringing, and then he fell off.
As they enjoyed their lake swim the previous day, the clothes came off again, and in they went.

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