Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Fjord Cruise along the Osterfjord

We arrived in Bergen to a mass of people everywhere, cars, roadworks and tried to find our hotel.  Right outside our hotel were large roadworks that obstructed the entire road, and Phil stayed in the car, while Nicole and the boys walked back to the hotel to check in and try and find some carparking.  We were directed to the underground parking a few blocks away and had to carry all our bags a few blocks to the hotel.  Thankfully we had a map, and once we worked out which carpark door we had come out of, it was relatively easy to get to the hotel.
After check in, we headed straight to the tourist information centre across the road.
We booked a 4 hour cruise that was leaving in 10 minutes on the White Lady Cruise Boat.  So it was a quick run across the road past the Fish Markets onto the wharf.
The scenery from the harbour and the views from the boat were spectacular.

Over 800,000 tons of Salmon are farmed in Norway each year.
 (We eat a lot of Norwegian Salmon in Berlin).
Once we left the harbour and the mainland we travelled into the Osterfjord.  The Osterøy island is the largest inland island in Europe. 
Some of these cliffs are known as the Cliffs of Thieves.  Thieves and robbers used to hide in these cliffs with their loot.  We didn't see any, so they were hiding really well. 
This is the narrowest gap in the Fjord.  Note the little fishing boat, the 3 girls in it were having real trouble starting the engine as we passed by, we just hope that they managed and got back home.  One almost fell out the boat while we were watching as she pulled the rope to the motor.

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