Thursday, 29 July 2010

Hotel in Loen

We arrived at our hotel after 10.30pm, it was a long driving day, and we were all tired.  The hotel was enormous, a place you would happily stay for a week and just relax.  The view from our room was beautiful.
The receptionist said if we hurried we could go outside and watch the bonfire they had made.  Cameron was too tired, so Nicole took Alexander down for a quick look.  It was placed about 25 metres from the kids playground, and there were live embers flying all over the place, while the kids happily played in the playground.  We stood back in the distance a bit and watched the embers fly everywhere and then headed upstairs to bed.
In the morning the kids were eager to have a swim in the pool.  So Phil and the kids headed to the pool area.  It was hard to get them back to the room to get ready for breakfast as the pool had a water slide that was 2 floors high, and was quite fast to slide down in.  The indoor pool also had an opening to swim outside as well.
Nicole stayed in the room and took photos from the balcony
The view of the lake in the morning was spectacular and we wished we were staying juat a few days longer.
But we packed the car again and moved on, there was still ots more fantastic scenery to be seen along the way.

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