Tuesday, 27 July 2010

The town of Bergen. Day 1.

The town of Bergen was founded by King Olav Kyrre in 1070AD, and it was Norway's capital in the 13th century.  Until the 1820's Bergen was the biggest town in Norway.  Bergen was a major European trading and seaport.
The town's major area is around the port, and Bergen is surrounded by 7 mountains.

Our hotel was right near the Fish Markets, and a great place to walk around the major streets of Bergen.
Along the wharves were some enormous ships, cruise liners, and smaller boats.
This row of buildings is in an area called Bryggen, the oldest part of the city.

The Fish Markets were at the end of this wharf, and this is where we had fish and chips for dinner.

Cameron was fascinated by this lobster, and wished it was alive to play with, not eat!
The cobbled stones streets and wooden building were charming, and it was great to wander around the streets just looking at the different houses.

The Bergenhus Fortress, is on the edge of the harbour.  Some of the buildings date back to the 1240's 
The Rosenkrantztårnet, (Rosenkrantz Tower), seen below was built in the 1270's, and was modified in the 1520's for the govenor, Erik Rosenkrantz.
The Korskirken (The church of the cross), dates back to 1181AD.  The church has been damaged in fires in 1580, 1623, 1640, and 1702, and has many extensions, reconstructions and restorations.

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