Monday, 26 July 2010

Our Hotel in Lofthus.

We arrived in Lofthus to find our hotel right on the banks of Sørfjorden, part of the Hardangerfjord.
We put our bags into the room, the boys put on their board shorts and we headed out to the gardens of the hotel which was right on the Fjord.

Much to the delight of the boys, there was a floating trampoline and slide on the Fjord.
They were in the water as quick as possible and had a great time.

The views from the hotel were incredible, and we sat out in the garden until 7.30 just enjoying the scenery.
At the top of the mountains in the background, you can see glaciers.

The water was so clear, the reflections in the water were fantastic.

The kids loved swimming in the Fjord.
On the other side of the street, were lots of apple, apricot and cherry orchards. After dinner we went for a walk along the back roads to have a look. 
The cherries were almost ready to be picked.
The apples had a bit more growing to do though.
Cameron and Alexander collected the different variety of fruits, but they were only allowed to take the fruit that had already fallen on the ground.
These were Cameron's collection, 2 apples, an apricot and a cherry
Lofthus is a beautiful place, we wish we had booked an extra night.

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