Monday, 26 July 2010

From Oslo to Loftus. Part 2.

The boys had run their wiggles out, so we were prepared to drive for a few hours.  However the plan changed less than 30 minutes up the road when we saw the fantastic rock formations near another lake, and we couldn't resist stopping for some fun.

We first saw some of these rock formations in Iceland, and we added our sculptures to the Icelandic landscape.  We needed to add our sculptures to Norway's landscape as well.

It takes a steady hand, and just the right rocks to make it balance.
Nicole's finished masterpiece

Phil starts the base of a sculpture in the water.

Cameron is busy with the beginning of his rock formation
Alexander concentrates really hard,
Cameron's finished masterpiece
We were not the only ones there, there were people of all ages adding their sculpture as well.

Alexander worked on the top part of the sculpture in the water.
We were all so busy building our rock sculptures, that I don't think the boys threw one rock into the water (which is what usually happens).
I can see that when the boys get to the river behind Phil's parents place that there will be a  series of these sculptures appearing beside the river.

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