Friday, 16 July 2010

Last school day in Berlin

After 5 1/2 years, today the boys both said goodbye to their teachers and friends.

A sad day, we have made some great friends through the school, and we hope that at some stage we will see them again (once some of them get over their fear of spiders and snakes in Australia)

Nicole went to Cameron's end of year assembly.  It was sad to say goodbye to teachers, friends and children that have had a big impact on our lives here.

Nicole got a thank you flower for all her help in the library over the past 3 years and running the Year 3-5 knitting club every Tuesday.  Cameron went up to the stage to collect it and bring it to Nicole.

All the August Birthday Kids got up and had Happy Birthday sung to them.
Then it was time to get their Leaver's Certificates.  There were 6 kids in Cameron's class who are moving on.
Nicole didn't get to Alexander's assembly, the time to get to each campus was tricky.  Alexander had to say goodbye to his friends.  He was very upset to have to say goodbye to some incredible friends.  We will see some of them before we fly out, and we hope we will see some of them in later years.
Thank goodness for Skype, Email, Facebook and cheap phonecalls!

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