Sunday, 11 July 2010

Cameron's Birthday Party

Cameron's birthday is in the Summer holidays, and normally we are in Australia.  This year we will be in Europe, but lots of Cameron's friends are leaving Berlin for good, or going on holidays.  So we planned to have Cameron's birthday before the end of the school year.

We have had a heat wave in Berlin, and the weather has been over 35 everyday for 2 weeks.  Today the temperature was 38.

Cameron wanted to go Go-Karting with his friends for his birthday, we were worried about the heat in the "tin shed"

Here are the kids listening to the safety instructions while drinking lots of fluids! 

Surprisingly it was cooler in the shed than outside.
Thank goodness, as the kids had to wear balaclavas under their helmets.
Cameron, with a sprained wrist from playing Fussball on Thursday, said it wouldn't effect his driving.
Alexander ready to go.
Hlomla ready to burn some rubber!
Max was a professional, he had his own balaclava!

First time for Felix!

Philipp was fast!!

After the first 15 minute round, there were smiles all round!
Getting ready for the next round, the most important one for the medal ceremony later

Love this photo of Cameron, look how he has that shiny tooth look!

The winners on the podium!
Max, Hlomla, Rishab, Philipp, Cameron, Rithik, Alexander and Felix

Go Karting is great fun, and everyone had a fantastic time!!!

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Leanna, Shane and Jack said...

Too cool that they have a podium. Jack would love this when he is older, what a great party idea.