Sunday, 4 July 2010

5.3km Lichtenauer Wasserlauf

After doing so well in the  5 x 5 km race Alexander has got the running bug.  Alexander has been running with some of the students and teachers in the forest at lunchbreak to train for this next race.  Alexander and Phil both entered the race along with some of the teachers, parents and his friend Emily.

The day was hot, around 30 degrees, not a great day to be running. 
They were all excited to be standing at the starting line.

Alexander with his teachers Miss B and Mr G.
Emily and Alexander very excited at the starting line.
The starting gun is ready to be fired.

Mr G was the first of our lot across the line.  He came in 42nd place, 4th in his age group.
Alaisdair was next in 61st place, 5th in his age group
Alexander came running to the finish line with a huge grin on his face.
He came in 87th place, 4th in his age group.
He was really pleased with his time.
Next was Phil, being cheered on by some cheerleaders.
Phil came in 140th place, 12th in his age group, he was thrilled as he hadn't done any training for months.
His time was great too.
Nicola came next, in 162nd place, 5th in her age group. 
(but we missed her coming through the finish line, she must have been running so fast!).
Emily came sprinting through the finish line next in 302nd place, 5th in her age group.
She did a great job.
Miss B came through with a huge grin on her face despite the heat!
In 306th place, 33rd in her age group.
Mr B entered the 10km run!  A brave man!!
He finished in 42nd place, 7th in his age group.
Cameron's teacher, Mr S, also ran in the 10 km, and he came in 180th place.
He ran for Mr J, who had entered, but broke his arm a few weeks ago.

I am not sure how long the videos will be up on the web?

Everyone did such a great job, and we will be looking for fun runs to do when we get back to Australia, hopefully Cameron will start as well.

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