Thursday, 5 August 2010


Ystad is well known for its night watchman.  Every evening, from 9.15pm to 1am, he sounds the copper horn in 4 directions from the tower in the church of Saint Maria church.  Tbhis tradition dates back to the 17th century.  Blowing the horn every 15 minutes was a call to the community that all was well.  We heard the horn a few times during the evening, but it did not keep us awake once we went to bed.
Gråbrödraklostret, is the monastery, daing from 1267.  In the 1530's the ,monks were evicted and the building became owned by the state.  Since then it was used as a home for poor and sick people. a distillery and a museum.
The Konsthantverkarnas building was built in 1640.  The artwork inside was fantastic.
We loved this monk statue outside the Gråbrödraklostret.  The flowers surrounding him in the garden bed were an amzing red, grey and black.  They looked great.
Inside the Santa maria church was a musical group called Trion Glöd . They were fantastic, and we enjoyed listening to their rendition of "Somewhere over the rainbow" Nicole's favourite song.

It also is one of Cameron's favourite jokes.
Where do you weigh a pie?


Somewhere over the Rainbow 

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