Thursday, 12 August 2010

Barcelona Aquarium

Cameron picked up a pamplet at the hotel about the Barcelona Aquarium .  He loves animals and fish, and was keen (well more than keen) to visit the Barcelona Aquarium.  With phrases like "I really need to go to the aquarium so I can learn all the different types of fish that I will catch when I go fishing with Pa", and "Dad, you need to know all the different types of fish and sharks for when you go scuba diving".
The aquarium is open until late, and the queue wasn't too long, we decided to go for a visit after we had been to the Monument a Colom, and a walk along the harbour.

It is a great aquarium, and it has a fantastic shark tunnel that has a slow travelator through it, so you can stand on the travelator and watch above.  We bought a booklet with our tickets for 3 euro and it was full of interesting facts and pictures of some of the fish and sharks that were in the aquarium.

 The highlight for the boys was to learn how to tell the differences between a female and a male shark.  whilewe were going through the tunnel, Cameron kept pointing out the sex of each shark that came close to us, and took photos as we went.  So now we will let you know how to tell whether a male or female shark is attacking you while you are next surfing at Bondi Beach.

Male sharks do not have a penis, they have 2 claspers.  For more detailed information click on this link...
In the gift shop, there was a huge box of Paul the Octopus toys!  We had a good laugh at those.  During the World Cup in South Africa a few months ago, Paul the Octopus in Germany choose who would win matches, and Paul chose Spain as the winner for 2010!  Paul is a bit of a hero in Spain!!!

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