Friday, 13 August 2010

Parc Güell

After being overwhelmed by Sagrada Familia, we headed to Parc GüellParc Güell sits in the hills overlooking the city of Barcelona.  Eusebi Güell wanted to establish a park for the Barcelona aristocracy and commissioned Antoni Gaudi to design the Park. (it's a busy tourist destination!)

The main entrance of the park has 2 pavillions at either side of the main gate which are covered in bright mosaics.  Inside the main entrance is a fantastic sculpture of a salamander covered in bright mosaic tiles, with a discreet water feature.  Walls, ceilings and benches are covered with bright mosaic pieces.  Gaudi recycles old ceramic plates and glass in his mosaics and created a magical feel around the park.

 The view from the park shows how the Sagrada Familia Church overlooks Barcelona. 

The covered mosaic seats are great to sit, watch the people and look over the city of Barcelona
(if you can find a spare few seats!)

 Underneath the seating area are pillars and masaic tiled ceilings
using all sorts of recycled glass and ceramics

 The mosaic salamander is a highlight of the park.

Gaudi lived in one of the houses in the park from 1906 - 1925, now called "Casa Museu Gaudí".  The museum is only small, but has some great "Art Nouveau" pieces of furniture of the time.

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