Saturday, 14 August 2010

Pickpocketed, a cable car ride and finally the beach.

After 2 long days of Gaudi touring, we thought we would take the boys to the beach for a few hours.  We went back to the hotel, got the swimming gear and headed to the station closest to the cable car to take us to the beach.
As we got out of the train station, we were a bit disorientated to which direction we were supposed to head to get to the cable car.  We stood for a few minutes, crossed the road, stood for a few more minutes, worked out the right direction, crossed the road again and headed up a street.

In this time, with maps in hand, and looking here and there, some sneaky local managed to open up 3 of the pockets on Phil's bag, and remove his wallet.  It wasn't until a few minutes later that we realised the pockets had been opened and the wallet had gone.  As we stood there in disbelief, all of a sudden a man appeared with Phil's wallet in hand, saying that he had seen a small kid steal the wallet.  The cards were all there, but 100 euros in cash had disappeared.  It wasn't until later that we thought the man had to be in on the whole deal, as how would he have known who to give the wallet back to.  We decided that their "deal" was to take the money, give the wallet back and then we wouldn't need to go to the police to report it, and their little scam would be able to continue on unsuspecting tourists.

Still a bit shocked we found our way to the cable car and made our way over to the beach.

The kids loved the beach, building castles and swimming in the water. 

It was a great end to the day after a lot of walking and the pickpocket incident.

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