Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Palatine Hill and the ancient forum

After the Colosseum, Daniel took us over to Palatine Hill, which has many layers of history to delve into. Legend has it that this is were Romulus and Remus were found by the she-wolf.  We looked at a few different archeological dig sites (which continue today).
Arch of Constantine (stands in between the Colosseum and Palatine Hill)

mosaic patterns in the walls

We moved down to the Roman Forum with its role at the heart of the community.  The Senators Chamber, the Vestal Virgins and their temple, and other temples to the Roman Gods.  The shrine where Julius Caeser was dragged out and burned after he was murdered in the nearby senate building.

These Victory Gods and Chariots with horses are very familiar to the Berlin Brandenburg Gate.
Fantastically decorated Corinthian Columns were everywhere!
OK, so from front on, this guy doesn't look like George.
(Nicole would like to apologise now for stalking him)
It was a fantastic tour, and we were overwhelmed with amazing facts. Daniel was a terrific guide, and highly recommended if you ever get to Rome!

One of the funny things was watching the hawkers on the streets. Selling everything from copy handbags to hats and sunglasses, they displayed their goods on sheets with strings at the corners. When the police came, it was like someone had scattered the pigeons! They would pull the string, their goods would collect into a swag, and they would run flat out from the police. We saw this happen several times, and the kids were highly amused.  We also saw the police telling off a tourist for buying an umbrella from one of these illegal hawkers – for encouraging them.

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