Thursday, 19 August 2010

Venice. Day 1

After being home 3 days, clothes washed and dried, we repacked our bags and boarded our next flight – this time to Italy. Our first stop was Venice, where we caught a coach from the airport onto the islands. From there, we carried our trusty bags the 800 metres up and down bridges and steps, to our little hotel. We stuck our bags into storage and immediately headed out for the afternoon.

The first thing was to have our first delicious Italian lunch. The idea of little Trattorias and Osterias that serve fresh, delicious food. Nicole became addicted to Buschetta in a hurry!

We set out into the hot Venetian afternoon and walked, without a map, through the winding lanes and over the canals to St Marco’s Piazza.
We were suprised to see the Hari Krishna's out and about...a sight we haven't seen for years!
The colours of the chillis were fantastic!
We realized in the hot summer sun that we had forgotten to pack hats (in the gray Berlin morning, probably an easy ‘miss’). After buying ‘Italia’ caps and sunnies for Alexander and Phil, and a sunhat for Nicole (Cameron was the only one who remembered to pack a hat!), we lined up and enjoyed our visit to St Marco’s, and stroll through the Piazza and along the waterfront.

After the most expensive visit to a toilet I have ever encountered (1.50 Euro!!), we headed off for some well earned Gelati. The first of many in the hot Italian sun!!

A walk via the Rialto bridge and back for a cold shower (the boiler at the hotel stopped working) and then out for dinner.

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