Monday, 16 August 2010

Happy 10th Birthday Cameron

We landed into Berlin at 11.45pm on the Sunday night.  The clock ticked over to midnight while we waited for our bags to come off the plane, and then it was Cameron's birthday!

Cameron wanted to open his presents when we got back to our house at 12.30am....but we managed to get him into bed and wait till the morning.

Unfortunately Phil had an early morning meeting on Monday morning, and he had gone to work before Nicole and Alexander had woken up.

Cameron opened one of his presents from Alexander in the morning, a Super Mario game, and that kept him happy during the day.

We went out in the afternoon to meet some friends and have ice cream,(see later post). Then it was time to come home and get dinner ready.  The birthday dinner that was requested was Pizza (with no vegetables), and Nigella Lawson's chocolate cloud cake.  So Nicole made separate pizza bases so everyone could decorate their own pizzas....Cameron - no vegies, Alexander - lots of vegies.  Then it was time fot the delicious cake and opening presents.

It was a relaxing day after 4 busy days in Barcelona, and Cameron got to play his new computer game and lego later.

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