Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Gamla Linköping Open-Air Museum

A quick stop off to Linköping.  The church in the main town has a copper roof and the spire is 107 metres high, visible from most of the town.
2 kilometres from the town is the Gamla Linköping Open-Air Museum.  It is a village museum of houses and buildings from the beginning of the 20th century.  The red paint, Falun Red is very prominent here.  It was a terrific museum to visit.
The staff were dressed in clothing of the time, and the horses and carts travelled on the cobbled stone streets.
The fences were unusal, but effective.

The most interesting thing the kids did was learn how to make rope.  They both made a metre long rope.
This machine wound the cords together
Then this "header" kept the 3 cords separated until the 3 cords had twisted enough.
Depending on the size of the rope, depends on the size of the header, and there were some really big ones there.
This seat was made of a very large rope, and was strong enough to sit on. (You can see Cameron's rope in his hand)

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