Friday, 13 August 2010

Font Màgica

After a delicious meal of Spanish Tapas, we headed to the Font Màgica at Montjuïc.

The fountain sits below the National Art Museum of Catalonia, Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya.  The building and fountain was built for the 1929 World Fair.  The fountain was badly damaged during the Spanish Civil War, and repaired around 1955. The fountain was completely restored by the 1992 Olympics, and now every evening beginning at 9pm to 11pm in the Summer, a light, music and water display runs every 1/2 hour. 
The crowds begin....

 The light show begins and hundreds of cameras begin to flash!

The kids really enjoyed the display and sang along to some of the music, although Cameron thought there should be some Black Eyed Peas songs included!

We headed back to the hotel, and got off at our train stop, but got out the wrong exit.  Fortuitously we ended up right outside the "Casa Batlló".  It was open for nightly visits.  By this time we had been "touring" Barcelona for nearly 12 hours, and did not think we could really enjoy the house.  However we took the time to go to the empty cashier window to ask if we could buy our tickets to the house for the following morning.  We cannot tell you how pleased we were when the man behind the glass window said of course we can, and then we did not have to line up in the morning to visit the apartment building.  We readily handed over the credit card and got 4 tickets in our hands.  Meanwhile the boys were looking in the door of the Casa Batlló, and were talking to a man dressed in a suit with a walking stick in his hand.  he shook the boys hands and introduced himself as Antoni Gaudi.  To which Cameron quickly replied "Didn't you get hit by a tram and die?".  A little bit shocked actor replied that yes, he had been hit by a tram...but he had been frozen in time, and only was woken up every Thursday and Friday nights during the Summer to welcome people to his apartments.  (Much to the amusement of the boys).

So we said good night to Antoni Gaudi and headed back to our hotel for a well earned sleep, ready to see Casa Batlló in the morning, without waiting in a queue.

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