Friday, 6 August 2010

Morning in Sweden. Afternoon in Denmark. Evening in Germany.

Sadly the journey was over, and it was time to leave Norway and Sweden.  We had such a fantastic 2 weeks.
We stopped in Køge for morning tea.  It is a pretty little town, with the oldest half timbered building in Denmark.  It was built in 1527.  It is now part of the Køge library.

The Køge museum was built in 1619.
We only stayed in Køge for less than an hour.  The parking was only a 1 hour limit, and there were a few parking officers checking time limits on cars.  We didn't want to take any chances on getting a ticket!

We had an hour spare before we needed to be at the ferry terminal, so we stopped at a beach at Gedesby.  The sand was soft and the weather was great.  The kids had a great time building sand castles and moats, and had a quick swim before we went to the ferry.
The ferry ride was relaxing, and then a 3 hour drive back to Berlin to start the loads of washing.
It was a great 2 weeks!

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