Saturday, 14 August 2010

Casa Batlló

After a delicious breakfast at Tapa Tapa, and Cameron getting a kiss from the waitress before we left, we headed across the street to Casa Batlló.  It was so nice not to have to wait in line with our tickets bought the previous evening. 

The original building was designed by Josep Maria Jujol, built in 1877.  It was remodelled by Antoni Gaudi in 1904–1906.  There was very few straight lines in the building.  The rooms were spectacular, and it was a fantastic place to explore, and we all found different parts of rooms that amazed us.  Our tickets included an audio guide which gave us a really good description of each room and an insight to Antoni Gaudi.

After handing in our audio guides, Nicole wanted to take a few photos of the lift and some cupboards, and go to the toilet before our next stop.  There were 2 doors to 2 sets of toilets for females.  The first 2 toilets were occupied, and the second door had one free toilet which Nicole went to.  When she came out of the toilet, the main door had been locked from the outside.  It was then that she assumed that she was in the staff female toilets and had been locked in.  About 30 minutes beforehand, Phil's mobile had run out of battery ,and there was nothing to do but wait until the next female staff member needed to go to the bathroom....about a 10 minute wait.  The boys and Phil are used to having to wait for Nicole to come out of the toilet, as the female queues are always long.  Alexander was sent back into the apartments to try and find Nicole, just as the staff member had unlocked the door. So the boys thought that was a funny end to the visit.

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