Sunday, 15 August 2010

Picasso Museum

After lunch we headed to the Picasso Museum.  This museum holds a lot of his early work, and there was some fantastic rooms of his early work, and progression to Cubist art.

We really enjoyed this museum, expecially the rooms which showed his interpretations of Las Meninas, a painting by a Spanish painter, Diego Velázquez in 1656.

The paintings by Picasso showed different studies of this painting in a cubist way.

The boys really enjoyed the Pigeon paintings as well.

The museum itself is situated in 5 palaces that stood together and have been renovated.  Some of the walls and ceilings have been restored to their original form.

Then it was time to collect our bags from the hotel and make our way to the airport bus.  The boys were exhausted and we had to pass the airport bus to get to our hotel.  So Phil left Nicole and the boys at the main square while he raced back to get the bags.

While the kids waited for Phil, they enjoyed chasing the pigeons, and Nicole enjoyed watching the glamour photos being taken beside the fountain.

Checked in and a quick drink while waiting for the plane to be prepared and back to Berlin. We are so glad we managed to get to Barcelona...we will be back in 20 years once Sagrada Familia is totally finished!

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