Thursday, 12 August 2010

La Rambla and the Monument a Colom

After a wander around the old town we stopped at a cafe on the main street of Barcelona, La Rambla.  We ordered 1 Sprite and 1 beer after seeing the size of the glasses...the only glasses they served drinks in.
It took us a long time to drink these ones!
Something that we saw lots of, but were often too slow to catch were the "glam photos".  Girls draped over edges of fountains, in front of tourist was quite fun to watch,  they were all so serious! 
The Market just off La Rambla

Joan Miró inspired mosaic on the main walkway.
Fantastic tiles along the side of a shop front.
At the end of La Rambla towards the harbour is the Monument a Colom.  A 60 metre column erected at the site where Christopher Columbus returned to Spain after his first voyage to America.  He landed in Barcelona on March 15th 1493, where he reported to Queen Isabella and Ferdinand about his journey.
In a civilised way, you can go up a lift to the top at the viewing tower, which we thought would be a good way to see Barcelona from above. 
 (Much easier than going round and around a set of stairs in the column (as we have done many times in Europe!)

It was a long long way down!
Great Views!
Harbour Views
La Rambla, one tree lined street!

At the base of the column were lion statues, perfect to climb on top of!

It was a great way to see some of Barcelona from a height.

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