Sunday, 1 August 2010

Örebro Slott

We stopped at Örebro for a break, and visited the Örebro Castle.  The first wall was buit in the 1200's and over the years it was extended and built upon. 
In 1445, Christofer of Bavaria and Dorotea Hohenzollern (age 15, from the German royal family) married.  Dorotea became the Queen of Sweden, Denmark and Norway and in 1446 they moved into Örebro Castle for sometime.
The main extension happened between 1573-1627, under King Charles IX watch.  King Charles IX died shortly after the completion of the renovations and the castle was abandoned until the 1800's.  Thorstad Thoren restored the castle between the years 1897-1901.
One of the levels of the tower has an interesting exhibition about the history of the castle.  Nicole enjoyed the history of women in the castle.  At the end of the 16th century 1/4 of the workers in the castle were women.
  The house keeper was the second highest ranking worker in the castle (behind the warden of the castle).  The house keeper looked after all the women staff.  There were female bakers, weavers, brwers, housemaids, servants and the women who looked after the animals.  1/2 of the animal carers were women.
In the 16th century there was no unemployment.  There was legislation put in place for forced labour. If you didn't own your own property, you were part of the forced labour crew.  Women were brought into the castle during Autumn when the slaughtering of the animals was to occur, as well as chopping wood for Winter and carrying bricks for castle extensions.  You were labelled a criminal if you didn't take part in forced labour.
In the mid 17th century witch trials were frequent in Sweden. There are many records of witch trials in the medieval court records.  One example is of the wife of Olof Feet (she is only recorded as the wife of Olaf Feet )in 1633.  She was bound by hand and feet and thrown into the Svartån River (next to the castle).  She was proved to be a witch as she floated back to the top of the water.  Her punishment as being confirmed as a witch was to be burnt at the stake.

The moat around the castle had many water lillies in it, and the water was still, the reflections in the water were so clear.
A doorway in the courtyard
A water pump in the courtyard.
The door knocker on the gate.
Cameron loves the different canons that we have seen around Europe.
This one had seats to sit either side of the canon...I don't think it would be the best place to be sitting when they were in use!
Down in the basement were some prisoner cells and shackles
We decided not to leave the boys in there.....this time!

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