Saturday, 21 August 2010

Michaelangelo's David

We walked to San Crocce Piazza for a delicious lunch (again a recommendation from Francesca), and began some valuable lessons on local cuisine, and importantly pronounciations. Lunch was delicious!
We marched across town to the Accademia Museum, which houses Michaelangelo’s David. It is so worth the effort, and we had pre-booked the entry tickets (well worth doing in high season). The staging of David is awesome, and your first view down the gallery to the majestic statue is wonderful. (No photos allowed in the gallery..but ut didn't stop some tourists...we settled for a postcard!)

Along with some of his unfinished works, it is really a treat to see. After searching for (and finding!) Cameron’s special cap (left in the gallery with the antique musical instruments), we were able to head off for gelati. Unfortunately it was time for Francesca to leave for the train. It was so nice to see her again, and her knowledge really added to our experience in Florence. Thanks Francesca, hope to see you again soon!

We headed for the pig market again, where Nicole found some lovely handbags to add to our luggage, Phil found a fussball store, and bought the local Firenze Fussball shirt, (he is growing a healthy collection of Fussball shirts, as Nicole increases her handbag collection)

Once again, Italian for Dinner. Nicole’s bruschetta addiction satisfied before heading in for the evening.

We have put our money into the piggy statue, so we will be back to Firenze for certain!

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