Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Introducing the new realm of Knights

Part of the children's program is to introduce them to different aspects of medieval life.  This is done really well through the Childrens Castle Program.

The boys start off as 'squires', and undergo a series of 'quests' around the castle.  These activities involved games built around castle life.
One of the favourites - riding a horse down some rails to 'joust' with a dragon.  Lance him in the head and win the prize!
Climbing the castle walls to ring the bell - only the bravest can make it...
After their quests, the young squires are promoted...
And are knighted in a full ceremony.  Sir Alexander and Sir Cameron, knights of the Kalmar Castle.  (Nicole and Phil often reminded thereafter that the boys are knights, and Nicole and Phil are 'but lowly servants and slops servants')

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