Wednesday, 5 March 2008

A very brief Winter

This morning we woke to a light smattering of snow... we have not had any snow in January or February!!

I got the kids on the bus for school, and then about half an hour later we had a "snow storm" that lasted for about 45 minutes. It really came down hard and fast, and at a 45 degree angle. It was like being inside a snow globe, and I couldn't see the bright blue painted building across the street from us.

Then it stopped as quick as it started, but made the place look so pretty and clean.

As I left to get to the shops, I took out my neighbour had the same idea, she was out there snapping away as well!

Chaos today in Berlin! A public transport strike..all trains and buses out. As I don't watch local TV, listen to local radio (I listen to Nova in Oz via the internet), or read the papers, I had no idea this was happening.

Got to the train station...gates closed. Walked to the bus stop....nothing on the electronic sign, and no one waiting. I asked 2 ladies who were near the bus stop what was happening, and they told me about the strike. The traffic was a nightmare, extra cars on the road, taxis everywhere (there is a huge Travel show on in Berlin this week), and to top it all off the snow! Just chaotic!

The older woman who I was talking to, knocked on a car window at the traffic lights, the woman in the car opened her window, they had a chat, she asked for a lift up the street, and she got in! I swear this woman at the bus stop would have been early 70's....HITCHHIKING!! It never fails to shock me the things I see here! :)

I hailed a taxi and made my way to the shops instead!

Here are some pictures I took this morning.

The Garden next door.

I love the way the snow sits on the trees

No Bike riding today...a bit dangerous with the snow and ice.

Our street.

Phil's car (he would be unimpressed if he was here to see this) With any luck the snow will melt and wash off the dirt at the same time

Funny how the snow stuck to one side of the tree

Taxi's, taxi's and more least it was easy to hail one! Sadly, by 2pm, most of the snow had melted, again spoiling our chance of covering our garden with snowmen!!!

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