Saturday, 1 March 2008

Happy #(th Birthday to Phil

Well, this weekend of the year is our double birthday weekend!
Phil had his lunch cooked by 10 children (more in next post), and had a "nanna nap" on the couch later in the day.

For dinner, I cooked him one of his favourites...Lasagne and Salad.

For dessert, we had this yummy cake..complete with Allen's Freckles from home....YUM!!

His main present....a guitar. The boys and Phil are going to form a new band. Someone suggested the P Gees.....I thought about the O Gees....but Phil says that sounds too much like something else, and not appropriate! LOL... we will have to work on that one!

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Kylie S said...

Happy Birthday Phil!! Your card is in the post (sorry it is late - DOH!). Love the freckle cake.