Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Erratic Weather

During this week we have had some great hail showers.
Today it snowed on and off all afternoon! Then it suddenly stops, melts in 10 minutes so you wouldn't even know it had snowed.

Crazy!! Verr├╝ckt!!


Shelleen said...

the pics are very pretty

RachelfromPaen said...

Hi Nicole,
At the risk of being a stalker wierdo, i would love to talk to you about your time in Berlin. We are heading over from NZ in two months with two toddlers. So I'm looking for some recommendations on kid-friendly places to live (and wondering if I could cope with an apartment). As a bonus I can smuggle you in some Southern Hemisphere goodies! If you'd like to chat I'm on

Kylie S said...

We are expecting snow here too !! The weather is so bizzare !