Thursday, 27 March 2008

Bunratty Castle

Bunratty Castle was built 1425. It is an impressive castle, and has many rooms fitted out as they would have been. The textiles and wood furniture were really stunning (sorry no photos allowed inside)
The trees around the castle and the grounds were covered with Raven nests...and the ravens were everywhere...kind of gave it a spooky feeling.
Here is one of the Ravens on the edge of the tower.
You always need cannons to defend your castle!
Beside the castle was a Folk Park. it is a reconstrction of how the homes were utilised 100 years ago. The fireplaces had peat moss burning, and some of those chimneys needed a good clean...A couple of them were so smokey, that it was unbearable to be in there for more than 30 seconds.

There was a small field with these cool haystacks. We like the way they are off the ground!

The old school house was a dreary place to be, compared to today's class rooms. This school could hold up to 80 kids.

...and we complain about the size of the boys cloak room at school, this was worse....but then back in those days they didn't have swimming kits, PE kits, book bags, library books, music stuff....

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