Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Bertie Beetles and new Moccies

Phil went to Melbourne for 2 weeks, (not sure if he took any photos..need to check)
But he brought back some Bertie Beetles for me...I might share...maybe!
And new Moccasins! The purple moccies I have were ready for the bin about 3 months ago..but I couldn't bear to throw them out until I had a new pair...can't get moccies here...and I just can't live without them! (don't worry, I only wear them in the house,and to the letter box) :)
Phil said they were very hard to find at this time of the year, and I guess in
36˚C - 42˚C weather, no one really wants to buy Moccies...but he got them eventually! The old faithful purple moccies are now in the bin!

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