Thursday, 6 March 2008

Call me BOB!

My apologies to any young readers, who might be scared of this snowman....we were limited to the little snow left that had not melted...and underneath the snow was dirt and leaves.

So, here is Bob...made this morning while we waited for the school bus to collect the boys. (We need to readjust his eyes a bit I think!)

Bob, is a reference to an episode of Black Adder....anyone that is a Black Adder fan will understand the reference....anyone that doesn't try this web link for information on BOB
(It amazes me what you can find doing a google search!!!)

We have a habit of naming things/people "BOB" when we need a name.

In Starbucks, when the person who takes our order asks us our name, we say "Bob". The kids think it is hilarious..and I get some really strange looks when I am there by myself, but that makes it more fun (see how I am losing the plot..)

Funny story for the day....
Yesterday, I finally got to the shops via taxi (see previous posting). I did my shopping, and then went to our local Starbucks for a coffee (I had my knitting in my bag). I ordered my coffee, and without prompting the girl behind the cash register says

"Your name is Bob, right?"

I reply "Thank you! That's right, you remembered!"

She looked very proud of

So, now you can call me Bob too!

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