Sunday, 2 March 2008

Happy 9th Birthday Alexander

"Alexander, don't come into our room until 7am", were the is Sunday after all!

7:00 and 10 seconds, both boys were in our room, lights on....ready for present opening.

Once Phil and I were able to open our eyes in the bright light, Alexander started to open his are a few...

The next 4 books in the Deltora Quest Series

The Boy in Berlin book....for the boy in Berlin.

More Qantas planes for Alexander's fleet.

The weather in Berlin has been stromy, very strong winds and lots of no ice skating this morning. Instead a lazy morning in pyjamas, and speaking to grandparents on the telephone in Oz, and then playing with presents.

After lunch, we met the usual suspects at our local ice cream cafe. We ordered this 10 scoop ice cream plate for the kids...complete with a fire work in the middle....This was the closest Alexander would get to it while it was spewing out sparks! It was stuck in the middle of a scoop of ice cream, and that ice cream melted pretty quickly!

Dinner was home made Pizza, and this Nigella Lawson Chocolate Cake, which is the richest cake I have ever tasted...but so light and fluffy!

After making 3 cakes, lasagne, pizza, and 25 Honey Joys for Alexander to take to's time for a rest. The neighbours have enjoyed both cakes 2 evenings in a row, and there will be cake for school snack for the rest of the week.
We all had a great weekend!


Kylie S said...

Happy Birthday Alexander !! Looks like you have had a great day.
Take care,
Oliver, Kylie & Rob.

Leanna said...

What a great family photo, I love it!
Big happy belated birthday to Alexander.
Leanna xo