Thursday, 27 March 2008


There are a lot of photos in this post, this place was gorgeous!!
Clonmacnoise is a monastic city. The site has many old churches, high crosses, round towers and gravestones surrounded by a walled field.

St Ciaran founded a monastey here in 548AD. It lies in the middle of Ireland, on the River Shannon. Monks from all over Europe came here to study and pray here.

Over the centuries the site was pillaged and burned many times by both Vikings and the Irish. There is a cemetery beside the ruins that is still being used today, it was lovely to walk around, and read all the tombstones.

Ruins of the Castle built in 1214. It was deliberately destroyed around 1300.

One of the arches in the stoned walls that surround the site

Gravestones, churches and the Round Tower

The Round Tower.

The Pilgrim statue, in prayer

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The site is still used on certain religious days throughout the year.

The cemetery with more recent plots.

One of the High Crosses. The "real" ones are inside the museum now to keep protected, the ones on display outside are copies.

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