Saturday, 1 March 2008

Alexander's 9th birthday party

With Phil's work travel commitments in the next 4 weeks, a birthday party for Alexander really needed to take place on Saturday...which is Phil's birthday.

After a phone call to Legoland (Alexander's 1st choice), we decided against it. It was quite expensive for a party there....and there wasn't much food options. The price included entry, 45 minutes in a party room. The kids would get one soft serve ice cream (bleh...), and one drink. Then free time to play in LegoLand.

Me: "Could I order some plates of chips as well"

LegoLady: "No, we don't serve chips"

***WHAT??????? ***
ME: "Could I order some other food from the bistro to have ready for when we are in the room?"

LL: "No, if you want other food you will have to line up at the bistro for it when you get the may not be ready in time, if it is a busy day"

***Note: You get 45 minutes in the party room, leave 10 kids in the party room while I wait in line for I don't think so. ***
Me: "Do you provide a birthday cake?"

LegoLady: "No"

Me: "Can I order one?"

LL: "No"

Me: :Can I bring my own?"

LL: "No, due to health regulations, you can only have the food we have, you can buy donuts or muffins at the bistro"

Me: "Can I order the donuts or muffins to be ready to bring into the room?"

LL: "No, you have to wait in line at the Bistro"

My decision.....NO! what sort of a birthday party is it, to get revolting soft serve icecream and 1 drink?? PASS!!!

So, we looked at other options.

In the local newspaper about a month ago, was an ad for a local cooking school Cookeria who do birthday parties, corporate functions and learn to cook functions.

Me: "Do you do birthday parties for children?"

Anke: "Yes, no problem"

Me: What do they do?"

Anke: "They cook 4 courses, and then eat them. We can also play a game while the food is cooking"

Me: "Can I bring a birthday cake as well?"

Anke: "Yes"

Me: "Great, can we book the 1st March please?"

Anke; "Yes"


Alexander was given a list of dishes to make the week before.

10 children, divided up into groups to all work on different courses of their lunch.

Anke and Lioba were terrific, and really worked well with the kids....most of it was in German, when we got a bit stuck, 3 of the 1/2 German children translated for the rest of us.

Making the Pizza Dough..(the kids were not keen on the smell of the fresh yeast!)
Cutting the ham for one of the Pizza Swirl fillings.
The 2 monkeys made the dessert all by themselves!
My dream kitchen....look at that bench space...heaven!

Stirring the chocolate the supervisor watches.
Pizza dough is rolled out, ready for the fillings.

While the pizza swirls were cooking, they played a game. The kids were blind folded and given different fruits and vegetables to feel. Then they had to go to the table and write down their answers! Alexander won the competition and got 5/5. The avocado was the fruit that got them all stumped!

We will be back to Cookeria at some stage! They do some interesting courses for adults...and sometimes family evenings. It was a lot of fun!

Here is what the kids made, and it was "LECKER" (Delicious)
First there was a Tomato Soup with Basil.

Pizza Swirls and a Garden Salad (opps didn't get a photo of the salad...but you can imagine that one)

Chocolate pudding and Vanilla Sauce.

The meal was delicious...and of course we had a cake afterwards.

And the most important thing...Alexander had a fabulous day!!

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Leanna said...

Oh my gosh! That looks like SO MUCH fun. I would have totally loved to have done that for one of my birthdays as a child, heck, I would like to do it now :)