Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Easter Trip to Ireland

We flew to Ireland for 6 days for the Easter break!

We love Ireland, but we only got to explore the South West Coast from Cork to Galway, and then straight over to Dublin for a few days.
We will be back to explore more of Ireland. It is absolutely gorgeous, and the people we met/talked to were so friendly and helpful.

We flew into Cork, and drove around Cork looking for a certain shop (no comment from Nicole but it had to do with craft)...but didn't find it! A lot of these towns you should park in one of the parking lots, and then walk around town, the roads are narrow, and congested. We only did this once!.

We drove through to Kenmare, and then spent the night in Killarney, as a nice B&B run by Betty. On the way we found the Ladies View, and the kids had a great time rock climbing in the national park, it was windy (can you tell by their hair?), and cold, but the kids didn't care. There were some wandering sheep, which the boys manage to frighten, and they ran up onto the road...thankfully the cars stopped until they moved on!

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