Thursday, 1 June 2006

The Runaway Pizza

The last week of school, before we went to Sicily, Cameron's class did a play in assembly. "The Runaway Pizza"
Cameron was one of 8 narrators! I want my kids to be narrators in every play they costume making at all, just a t-shirt and jeans! I love it!!!!!

Waiting to say his lines....

The play was about the runaway pizza, and he escapes from Little Miss Muffet, the 3 bears, lots of other nursery rhyme charactures. Until the pizza gets to the Big Bad Wolf, and he gets eaten!

Xaver the Runaway Pizza...Run Xaver Run!!

Funny, Bradley was the Big Bad Wolf, and he doesn't like to eat pizza!

Anyway, it was a cute little play for Year 1, and Cameron did a great job with his lines!
Cameron is progressing in the theatre..last year he was a rock in the Dumble the Dinosaur play, this year he was a candy cane on the ginderbread house for Hansel and Gretel....and now a speaking part! :)

"a star in the making"

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