Saturday, 24 June 2006

World cup experience #7 Germany Sweden 2:0

After Australia's first win, I had purchased 3 tickets to Potsdamer Platz for the round of 16 game - of course at that time no-one could know who it would be. As it turned out, it was Germany vs Sweden! Alan, Gordon and I all left Summerfest and made our way there - our tickets were for an outside table at the Australian restaraunt, including 3 drinks and a meal. The weather was great, the beer went down well, and the food was excellent!

The Atmosphere was unbelievable. The crowd were really excited and the match very pleasing (2 goals and lots of other chances!) Where we were sitting was right in the line of sight of the cameras for the intro/half-time feed for the German TV station covering the game, and I got on TV several times! The crowd went mad and it was really great to see the locals get such enjoyment out of the match.

After the game we were ushered out of Potsdamerplatz (the next game began in a few hours). The crowds outside were amazing - the celebrations in the streets, the people, the cars, was all wonderful to enjoy!

We made our way to the fan - mile and spent the evening enjoying ourselves there. The Mexico Argentina game was on the big screens.

One interesting thing was that as an Aussie wearing an Aussie T-shirt and hat, I was always being stopped by people to share the excitement and joy of Australia's success so far. I had at least 30 different converstaions with people I had never met before about the footy, the Aussies and Australia. I even had to speak on a mobile phone to someone in Brisbane who was a mate of the German I was speaking to.. The things you do!

However, it was really good practice for my German, and it is a wonderful time to be an Aussie in Germany. It is so friendly and wonderful and the whole world cup thing is such a buzz.

The three of us had a super evening.


Tannia said...

Here in Aus we're gearing up for a very late night (or early morning) depending on who you are I guess...Italy vs Australia tomorrow at 1.00 a.m. I can't wait - will be very exciting.

You sound like you're having an absolute ball in Germany right now - what a place to be!

Beaman said...

The Fan Mile in Berlin is a great experience. Wonderful to see so many people from all over the world.

Fellow Berliner. :)